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Pioneer Athletics

East Grand Rapids High School


Pioneer Athletics

East Grand Rapids High School

Pioneer Athletics

East Grand Rapids High School

Team News.

Team News

10 months ago @ 9:04PM

Rockford duel ends in a draw

Two weeks off a tilt with several top schools in Michigan, which included local powerhouse Rockford, EGR visited the Rams for a head-to-head matchup.  Recent rainfall made the current swift and the ~2500m row feel more like 3000.  The Pioneers held strong, winning 6 of 12 timed events behind strong performances from the men's and women's doubles, women's junior 8+, and novices.  The crew had a great time meeting the Rockford rowers, and we look forward to racing again in the future.  Results are below.  Next week, crew will face off against Forest Hills Central. 

Womens Varsity 8+
Rockford A: 11:24
EGR: 11:39
Rockford B: 13:18

Men's Varsity 8+
Rockford A: 10:05
Rockford B: 11:22
EGR: 11:32

Men's Varsity 4+
Rockford B: 10:58
Rockford A: 11:47
EGR: 11:57

Men's Novice 8+
EGR: 12:27
Rockford: 14:00

Women's Jr/JV/Ltwt 8+
EGR: 12:04
Rockford: 12:53

Men's Jr/JV/Ltwt 4+
Results not recorded

Men's 1x (possible timing errors)
Rockford: 12:37
EGR A: 12:54
EGR B: 14:01
EGR C: 15:42

Women's 2x
EGR A: 12:45
Rockford A: 14:40
Rockford B: 15:08
EGR B: 15:54
EGR C: 15:58

Women's Novice 8
Results not recorded

Women's JV/Jr/Ltwt 4+
Rockford A: 12:51
EGR A: 13:06
EGR B: 13:54
Rockford B: 14:00
Rockford C: 14:49

Men's Novice 4+
EGR: 13:29
Rockford: 15:54

Women's Novice 4+
EGR A: 14:34
Rockford A: 16:57
EGR B: 17:22
Rockford B: 21:09

Men's 2x:
EGR A: 11:39
EGR B: 12:19
Rockford A: 12:32
Rockford B: 12:51
EGR C: 16:32

Women's 1x:
Rockford A: 16:11
EGR A: 17:26
Rockford B: 17:40
EGR C: 23:27
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