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Pioneer Athletics

East Grand Rapids High School


Pioneer Athletics

East Grand Rapids High School

Pioneer Athletics

East Grand Rapids High School

Pioneer Gold Card

Pioneer Gold Card

The East Grand Rapids Athletic Department instituted a "Gold Card" system to ensure that all athletes have the required information turned in to the Athletic Office before they can practice/tryout or participate in any competition.

Our coaches are instructed to only allow athletes who have completed this process to be able to participate. Athletes must turn in their "Gold Card" the first day of practice or tryouts.


Athletes must have the following on file to receive a Gold Card:

  • Physical on file (dated April 15, 2019 or later)
    • An athlete may use his or her 2019-2020 Physical if they have completed the 2020-21 MHSAA Sports Health Questionnaire. 
  • Concussion Awareness form on file
  • Eligible to play (grades)
  • Participation fee paid (club sport fee will be paid directly to the club)
  • Current ImPact Test completed (test expires every two years)

Gold Cards will be available at the HS Athletic Office starting Tuesday August 4


*More information regarding 2020-21 Gold Cads can be found the the Fall Athletics News Letter.


Gold Card - FAQ
Does my student need a Gold Card every year? YES

Does my student need a Gold Card for every sport? YES

If my student turns their Gold Card in to the coach and decides to play a different sport do they need a new Gold Card? YES

Does my student need a Gold Card for a Club Sport? YES

What if my student loses their Gold Card? Please have your student stop by the Athletic Office for a new card

Participation Fee

A fee of $250.00 per sport, per season is required for participation in athletics at East Grand Rapids High School. 

Sport participation fees paid to EGR Athletics are as follows:Cross Country, Swim and Dive, Golf, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Bowling, Hockey, Track, Baseball. 

Non-funded sports such as: Crew, Dance, Field Hockey, Sailing, Water Polo, Skiing, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Softball have different fees that will be paid directly to the club. 


Paying Participation Fee with a Credit Card

East Grand Rapids Public Schools has implemented the SchoolPay credit card processing system for school-related activities and fundraisers. This system is intended to provide a convenient, safe and secure option of paying by credit card in exchange for a small processing fee. SchoolPay charges parents 3% of the total cost of items purchased plus 30 cents per item. Paying by check will also continue to be an option. Read More...

* All Students are invited to participate on East Grand Rapids Athletic Teams regardless of ability to pay. Please contact the Athletic Office if you have any questions regarding the participation fee.